Everybody wins when you take a lesson from Active Plus

Let’s face it.

Every team and every organisation is fighting a battle.


  • if you struggle to work toward a common goal
  • if you know your organisation isn’t reaching its full potential


  • if you worry that low morale is damaging workplace culture
  • if you want effective teams and engaged, motivated employees…                                … Active Plus are here to help.

The leadership skills learned in the British military are second to none. So our military veterans design and deliver award-winning courses which provide lasting change.

That’s how they help your organisation win.

But Active Plus’ story is about helping veterans win too…

Leaving the armed forces can be a tough transition. But by joining Active Plus, veterans learn to recognise the enormous value of their skills in the workforce. Here they continue to make a difference by transforming businesses and changing lives.

Take a lesson from the military, and everybody wins.

Half day sessions for 4-12 people just £650. Courses available:

  • Teambuilding
  • Confidence and motivation
  • Resilience
  • Leadership

Training that gets remembered. Results that last.

We’ve helped 7,000 people grow in confidence, resilience and leadership. Book your course today by calling 01326 567174 or emailing