A cleaning business at its core sells time. And since Covid-19 went on his rampage, time is something people don’t seem to be short of. This coupled with offices no longer being in use and everyone working from home, it meant at Passmore Cleaning central we received a flurry of cancellations the week the lockdown was announced.

This was, and still is, happening to small businesses all over Cornwall in a range of sectors, but it just so happened to be the same week we were launching our new brand and website. We also opened our new offices on the 19th March and closed them on the 20th.

They say timing is everything.

Launching the website to an empty stadium

During the lockdown announcement, our website traffic plummeted. So much so, we thought something was wrong with our Google Analytics. However, it became clear that people just weren’t interested in searching the Internet to hire cleaners. Which meant one thing.

We were about to go live to an empty row of seats! Little to no-one was going to see and discover our brand new look and explore the website we have spent the last three months investing in. We felt deflated and it seemed pointless; a feeling I am sure a lot of business owners across the Duchy have experienced at some point during this time. The surprise launch party for the staff was cancelled for obvious reasons and we reflected on what to do next.

Keeping our business goals in mind

After sulking for a day, we concluded two things. One, there were more important things to be focusing on, like making sure our staff were coping and two, the branding and website were finished. After a big build up, Covid-19 had robbed us of our big reveal, but on the flip side it was still a massive achievement for the business.

So, we launched it all anyway.

The website was built specifically to reach the goal of expanding our services to the whole of Cornwall.  Our new brand was created to position Passmore Cleaning as a professional, friendly cleaning service that creates clean spaces for the people of Cornwall. Covid-19 hasn’t changed our goals as a business, it’s just delayed us reaching them for a few months (or until life returns back to normal).

The website traffic will return, our fantastic new brand will draw in new customers and we will expand our cleaning services to the rest of Cornwall.

On another positive note, putting the website live will Google time to index all our new pages before people start searching for cleaning services in Cornwall again! And we’ve decided that anyone who visits passmorecleaning.co.uk in the meantime is a bonus.

Planning for post-Covid

As businesses, we have all worked too hard to let Covid-19 defeat us. So, if you are like us and your company has lost 95% or more of your client base and most of your staff are furloughed, look beyond this global pandemic. Plan for success and keep your business goals in mind. We are updating all of our staff training and getting the dusty paperwork sorted out in preparation.

So, if you are about to launch your new brand or website, in the uplifting words of Nike, just do it.

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