Microtest Business has hired a new engineering manager as it faces a surge in sales due to the growth in remote working.

Jerry Frost

Jerry Frost has now joined the Bodmin-based company, following a career that includes spells as an operations manager and self-employed IT consultant.

Microtest Business has hit a milestone, having supported 1,000 people to work remotely since the lockdown measures were announced by the Government just over two weeks ago.

Sales director Tristan Netherton said: “We are experiencing a surge in sales as we help businesses make a smooth transition to home working. There is no sign of the momentum slowing.”

Businesses already supported by Microtest include Wadebridge insurance company, Reg Hambly Insurance Services.

Reg Hambly said: “We now have four of us working in the office, each in separate rooms for social distancing, while four staff work from home. Microtest have set up the home workers with all the laptops, desktops and software they need in order to be able to work from home just as effectively as if they were in the office.

“The new system of remote working is working perfectly. We have all adjusted quickly and we are able to provide the same level of high- quality service to our customers as normal. In fact, our customers would be unlikely to notice any difference.”

Law firm Charles French & Co is another customer. Director Sarah Dell said: “Although some staff have been furloughed, the core team are now continuing to work effectively from home. We will most likely continue to build on the technology, and for example, make more use of video conferencing in future.”