Business name: CleanEarth Energy Ltd

Office location: Wadebridge, Cornwall

When was the business founded: 2010

How many employees: 25

Business Cornwall: How is the business best described?

CleanEarth works with businesses in the South West and across the UK to control their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. We develop solar PV and wind turbine projects that generate carbon-free energy at commercially competitive rates, benefiting both the environment and the client’s bottom line.

Business Cornwall: Why was the business founded?

At CleanEarth we believe it is obvious that the adoption of carbon-free energy generation is a necessity if we want to minimise the consequences of global warming for future generations.

Energy prices, carbon targets, corporate conscience, and consumer sentiment have all driven rapid change in the energy market, creating unprecedented challenges for UK businesses.

CleanEarth was founded to meet those challenges.

Business Cornwall: How does the business compare to competitors in the industry?

CleanEarth is the UK’s market leader in single-turbine wind generation and has also installed over 500 solar PV systems. With more than 50 megawatts of generating capacity we have more experience than most in getting renewable energy projects up and running.

But what really sets us apart is our tenacity. We take pride in getting the job done whatever barriers stand in the way. We’ve completed projects that others have walked away from and found innovative ways of overcoming regulatory, logistical and financial hurdles that less determined companies would see as insurmountable.

Business Cornwall: What are the business’s plans both short-term and long-term?

We will continue to drive the adoption of renewable energy in the UK. That is our primary purpose.

To achieve this, we will maintain our focus on the wind and solar technologies that we know so well but will also look for innovations that can earn their place in the renewables mix. In the short term that means exploring emerging products such as battery storage. In the longer term it will mean adapting to the changing energy landscape and adopting solutions that are yet to be realised.

Business Cornwall: How does the business define success?

Success for CleanEarth is tied directly to the number and size of the renewable energy installations we complete. These provide commercial success for CleanEarth while helping our clients’ meet their financial and sustainability targets. They also make a modest but essential contribution to reducing carbon emissions and mitigating the impact of global warming.