There’s more to the humble email than meets the eye. Sometimes derided as the noisy sibling of the marketing world when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth

From so called ‘experts’ sounding its death knell to inboxes being flooded with spam, email marketing has taken its fair share of knocks over the years. Yet, despite all of this, email marketing has proved time and again it delivers the biggest return on investment of any digital marketing channel.

So much so, a study carried out in 2016 by VentureBeat found every £1 spent on email marketing generated a £38 return on average. Far from being on its knees, email marketing is stronger than ever before and powerful, affordable solutions are enabling more people to deliver the right message to the people at the right time.

Cornwall’s very own email marketing expert, Jarrang, has been working at the forefront of email marketing since 2003. And according to its founder and CEO, Stafford Sumner, email marketing has never been in such good health.

“The industry has changed hugely since I started Jarrang,” he says. “What’s stayed consistent is the power of delivering the right content to the right people. Getting this right means having great data to work with and a seamless way of giving people relevant content they’ll engage with.

“2017 is all about Marketing Automation. It’s been around for a few years but it’s now more powerful and accessible than ever before. Being able to automatically nurture customers through a sophisticated email marketing programme or serve up personalised responses based upon customer preferences, improves both engagement and conversion rates.

“I’m now in my fifteenth year of working in the industry and I’ve never been as excited by its potential as I am now. We’re helping businesses large and small to harness the power of email marketing and turn their data into sales.”

Jarrang’s focus is purely to help people send better email marketing campaigns, using them as a tool to fuel business growth and improve communication between a business and its customers.

Last year their clients sent out over 70 million emails globally. That’s a lot of emails. And while they pride themselves on the quality of the email marketing they send, it still sees so many emails being sent out by big brands and small businesses alike which fall far short when it comes to getting the basics right.

Stafford adds: “It’s easy for people to send email marketing campaigns themselves. What’s harder is to apply the strategy, data, design, content and automation principles that only ever come from experience. Our aim is to help people send better email marketing campaigns so they see the best results.”

The message is simple: It’s easy to send out an email, it’s much harder to send out a brilliant email that delivers results. Jarrang has been sending out brilliant email campaigns for 14 years and it wants to help you do the same.

If you want to talk about supercharging your email marketing to increase sales, get in touch with one of the Client Success Managers at Jarrang who would love to help.


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