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Business Cornwall is your business community website. Our intention is to provide all businesses within Cornwall a cost effective and engaging platform to promote their businesses and keep abreast of the latest developments within the local business community.

We are pleased to announce as part of our ongoing work to develop the site that there are a number of new developments to to inform you of.

New Categories

As of today we have added three new categories to our homepage. These categories include new areas of focus as well dedicated categories for multimedia content such as photos and slideshows. Please read the short descriptions below to get a better understanding of how you can make the most of these new additions to the website.


Are you starting a business in Cornwall? If so, let us know about your new business and we will add details of your launch into this new dedicated section of the site*. Keep an eye on this section to see the newest businesses launching in Cornwall. You can make even more of the exposure by incorporating one of our new advertising opportunities detailed later in this post.

To visit the Start-Ups category click here


Hosting an event or networking meeting? Why not capture your events in photos and send a selection to Business Cornwall. Photos received will be uploaded to our Flickr account*, appearing on the homepage and will be compiled into a slideshow for display within the new ‘photos’ category. – Please remember to send full captions for images and reduce the file size to a suitable level.

To see an example click here


Do you have a video to showcase? We are happy to review suitable video content for inclusion in the new dedicated video section of the website. Please upload your video to a suitable video sharing platform (YouTube, Viddler, Vimeo plus others) and email us a short bit of copy and the embed code to have it included on the site.

To see an example click here

New Advertising Opportunities

In-Line / After Post Display Adverts

In addition to these new areas we are pleased to announce that Business Cornwall can now provide an ad within any article, linking to your business website or other appropriate site, for a one off cost of £25+VAT. All you need to do is send an email with jpeg or giff format advert 468px wide by 60px high – specifying whether you would like it placed in the middle of the story or at the end.

Contact Details and Links

If you do not want to add a full display ad to your story we offer the opportunity of a link and other contact details on any story for a one off cost of just £15+VAT. On submitting a story please specify what text you would like linking to your website and any contact details to be included.

*All content submitted to the site will be subject to our standard editorial policy.



  1. Sounds great!

    I can’t make tonight, unfortunately (sounds like a blast!) but by all means give me a shout when you’re next over this way (are you still using Chiverton Cross as your office?!) .

    Alternatively, Nick and I have been intending for a while to prove once and for all who is worse at golf. If you play (and aren’t too good), perhaps we could all head out…

  2. Smart developments – and there’s more to come, I hope!

    (Aren, I’ve been giving some more thought to our conversation after the Cornwall Business Awards and I have some half-formed ideas – must meet up soon).

    • Thanks David, pleased to hear you approve of the new developments. There are a number of exciting new features in the pipeline which we hope to release before the end of the year – watch this space!

      Anytime you want to hook up for coffee I’ll be there. Do you want me to Doodle some dates?

      Speak soon, Aren

      PS If you make it to Cornwall Hub later we can talk more.

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