Expert status for college


The Department for Education (DfE) has selected Truro and Penwith College as Cornwall’s only Expert Apprenticeship Provider in a nationwide list of qualification providers.

The selection confirms Truro and Penwith College as delivering the best for apprenticeships in Cornwall after it was one of only five Further Education colleges from across the whole country to receive the status.

The college will now join the DfE’s 12-month pilot scheme that aims to positively impact apprenticeship opportunities for young people and increase apprenticeship jobs at SMEs that are prevalent in Cornwall.

To achieve Expert status, the college had to demonstrate excellence across a strict range of criteria including top learner achievement rates, an exceptional rating for employer feedback and strong financial health.

The mark of excellence status provides Truro and Penwith College with “special flexibilities and permissions” within The Apprenticeship Service (TAS) that make it easier for employers to work in partnership with the college.

The college will now be in a position to support Cornwall’s micro businesses and SMEs, who may not have a dedicated HR or finance department, to administer TAS systems, including accessing funding and managing day-to-day TAS processes, opening up the possibility of apprenticeship recruitment to an even broader range of quality employers to further boost benefits to the economy and learner experiences.

Hayley McKinstry, director of partnerships and apprenticeships, commented: “The college is delighted to be recognised as one of the few Expert Apprenticeship Providers across the UK and I’d like to extend my gratitude and congratulations to the many members of staff, high-achieving apprentices and top employers that have all played their part in making this possible.”