Happy Energy lighting the way


A Truro hair salon has seen the light when it comes to becoming more energy efficient by fitting the latest LED lighting throughout its premises.

Mark Sampson (l) with Happy Energy CEO, Adrian Wright
Mark Sampson (l) with Happy Energy CEO, Adrian Wright

The Lounge Hair Salon has replaced more than 40 halogen bulbs, strip lights and bayonet lighting in favour of the latest low energy, high performance LED bulbs from Cornish energy efficiency specialist Happy Energy, which is just about to launch a new online Led lighting store.

Moving to LED bulbs, which will last between ten and 15 years before they need replacing, Happy Energy says The Lounge owner, Marc Sampson, will save over £750 per year in reduced electricity and replacement costs.

Sampson said: “We are delighted with the new lighting in the Salon. The environmental benefits aside, the quality of the light is much better – they make the salon cooler and more comfortable to be in and with the new daylight white light they give off in our back room, it actually helps us mix colours more effectively.”

“Marc’s is a classic example of the savings that can be made,” added Happy Energy CEO, Adrian Wright.

“Replacing the 40 Halogen bulbs with the new LEDs has made an instant impact with a 90% saving on what was one of his major uses of electricity and lower electricity bills as a result, with Marc’s savings coming in at just over £750 per year.

“In addition to using less electricity, anyone with halogen bulbs will have spent time up ladders or on chairs replacing them but with a likely lifetime of between 30,000 to 50,000 hours with the new LEDs, once you fit them you can pretty much forget about them.”