Newlyn Fish Market agreement


W Stevenson & Sons (WS&S) has signed a new seven-year agreement to be the exclusive auctioneer at the Newlyn Fish Market.

The deal with Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners (NP&HC), which formally begins on Monday (April 1), will provide clarity and stability moving forward for both parties.

“The long story of fish being sold at Newlyn continues with this new chapter,” said Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners chairman, Rob Wing.

“This new agreement between NP&HC and WS&S may have taken a long time to bring to fruition, but we are confident that it represents the best possible opportunity for all fishers that land their catch at Newlyn Fish Market.

“In these challenging times for the fishing industry, NP&HC and WS&S now have a formal shared purpose in supporting the catching, landing, buying and selling of prime quality fish in west Cornwall in the 21st century and for generations to come.”

W Stevenson & Sons MD, Paul Trebilcock, added: “This agreement has been reached with a genuine spirit of positivity and can-do attitude from both parties.

“From our perspective, we are absolutely clear that WS&S has a responsibility to ensure the efficient, transparent and independent operation of the auction at Newlyn Fish Market and that our priority must be to further enhance Newlyn’s reputation as the number one market for quality fish in the UK in order to attract more vessels, secure more fish to be sold through the market and more buyers to help ensure the best prices for the fish that we auction.”