The second annual Tourism Summit is set to take place later this month.

Attended by pioneering tourism and hospitality leaders, the event brings together the best and brightest minds to address the social, economic and climate challenges facing the tourism sector and wider planet.

Hosted at Winslade House, Exeter on Wednesday November 22, delegates will hear from academics and thinker discussing ‘Tourism for Good’. The event offers presentations and workshops exploring authenticity, sustainability, and inclusion and how the tourism sector can positively impact people and planet, while continuing to thrive.

Among the speakers will be sustainability consultant, Katri Hastings from Bioregional, who said: “The hospitality and tourism industry is at risk. The challenges facing us, from the cost-of-living crisis, increasing global instability, and our society’s impact on climate change and our nature world, mean that business as usual is not an option.

“Events like this, bringing together industry experts with diverse expertise and experience, are key to meeting these challenges head on by supporting the development of collaborative solutions. There are practical actions that all businesses can take to transition to a net-zero carbon and sustainable future, to protect their businesses and support a sustainable society.”

For full details of the event and the lineup of speakers, click here.