Mother Ivey’s day


Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park welcomed local MP Scott Mann on Friday to celebrate the park leading the way on the Living Hours movement.

In January, Mother Ivey’s became the first business in the UK hospitality and tourism sector to be accredited as a Living Hours Employer with the Living Wage Foundation.

The Living Hours standard is awarded to employers who have implemented changes to improve job and financial security for their team. Accreditation reassures employees that they will have at least four weeks’ notice of shifts and guaranteed payments to them if shifts are cancelled within the notice period.

The holiday park’s owner, Patrick Langmaid, said: “Working in the tourism industry and hospitality in particular can be a very insecure existence for some staff, as hours and shifts are not always predictable or guaranteed.

“This can be worrying for workers who may not know the amount of money coming in at the end of the week, meaning they are unable to plan or budget their finances.

“As an accredited Living Hours Employer we aim to provide our park team with even more job security and better working conditions alongside our continuing commitment to paying a decent wage. We recognise it is the right decision for our workers and for our business.”

Mann added: “I am delighted Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park is joining with other businesses across the UK that share their values.

“Living Hours accreditation will not only give their staff further job and financial security, it will enable employees to plan any care requirements required for when they are working, and also plan their family and leisure time too.”