Lodge makes palm oil pledge


A Cornish hotel has banned all products that contain unsustainable palm oil.

Wherever possible, Lewinnick Lodge in Newquay has eliminated all palm oil, but where not possible, it now uses only RSPO-approved palm oil products – from cleaning products to kitchen ingredients.

The move is part of the Lodge’s efforts to be more sustainable.

MD, Dan Trotter, said: “I have three children and we are bringing them up to respect the environment. I believe this approach should flow through into my business too.

“This year we are pleased to announce, among our initiatives this palm oil pledge.

“We stand behind the Newquay Supports Sustainable Palm Oil (NSSPO) group in its bid to make the town more sustainable and aware of the issues surrounding palm oil production.”

Palm oil and its demand is said to cause deforestation and loss of habitats in the tropical countries where it is cultivated.

Jane Griffiths, of NSSPO, said: “Palm oil is the most ubiquitous oil on the planet. It is found in products ranging from soaps, cosmetics and cleaning products to candles, chocolates and ice cream. But its production has caused untold devastation for rainforests and wildlife.

“This is why many NGOs, scientists, zoos, conservationists and environmentalists are convinced the way to prevent further deforestation and loss of wildlife is to produce palm oil sustainably.

“As consumers we can all play our part in sourcing products with certified sustainable palm oil and the Giki Badges app enables us to do this. We are delighted Dan has taken up the mantle to become the town’s first sustainable palm oil champion and we welcome other businesses joining us in this venture.”