Bosinver celebrates 20 years


Today (July 4) marks the 20th anniversary that Pat and Dave Smith took over Bosinver Farm Cottages in St Austell. To celebrate, they’ve released a collection photographs to show just how much the resort has changed over the last two decades.

When Pat and Dave Smith arrived at Bosinver Farm Cottages on 4th July 1998, they discovered a well-loved but rather old fashioned chalet park, set in 30-acre grounds.

Since then, the Smiths and their team have dedicated their lives into making Bosinver what it is today.

And to mark the anniversary, they have trawled through the archives to find the photographs of how Bosinver looked when they arrived all those years ago.

“It was hard work at first, but it is such a beautiful place and we knew we could create something really special.

“Many of our guests have come back year after year since then, and we’ve had the pleasure of seeing their children grow up over the years and getting to know them really well. Having sold our dairy farm and taken on Bosinver in our fifties, we both wanted to build a legacy and we’ve created the business with a view to sustainability from the start.

“The old outdoor pool was replaced with a new solar heated indoor pool building made of local granite, for example and we have installed renewable energy technologies wherever we can. It was wonderful last year to receive the special Long Term Commitment to Sustainability award at the Cornwall Sustainability Awards for that reason.

“Bosinver is our gift to generations to come, and we wanted to mark this moment by looking back at how much has changed since we first arrived.”