Absolute win in West Indies


A Falmouth-based design agency has won a contract to work on the brand development of a new luxury holiday resort in the Caribbean.

Absolute Design has been appointed by Cotton Bay Village in St Lucia, a collection of world-class villas, townhouses and apartments. Absolute was chosen specifically to work on the communication of the Cotton Bay Village brand thanks to its history of success with other hotel and hospitality clients such as Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall and the St Moritz Hotel & Cowshed Spa.

As part of the brief, Absolute was tasked to develop a long-term design strategy based on its inherent knowledge of the consumer mindset. Absolute’s Managing Director Helen Blake spent a week on the island to find out exactly how the brand could capture the Cotton Bay Village ideal of a ‘dream come true’ experience. She said:  “Most importantly, Cotton Bay Village breathes small island friendliness and barefoot elegance.

“We can’t wait to help bring out these qualities in our design work and redefine the resort as the most stylish, peaceful, and soothing place in the Caribbean. And St Lucia itself is a fabulous and inspiring island, rich in history and with mind-blowing natural beauty. It’s actually known as the ‘Helen’ of the Caribbean for just that reason. Who knows? Maybe that’s a good omen as well!”