Great Cornish employee-owned business


The Great Cornish Food Store is set to become an employee-owned business.

The move means that employees will part-own the business and will therefore be able to enjoy a share of the profits going forward.

The Great Cornish Food Store, based in Tregurra Park, Truro, is the first independent retail and hospitality business in Cornwall to have made this move.

The organisation follows the model of its next-door neighbour Waitrose, which is part of the John Lewis Partnership – the largest employee-owned business in the UK.  The Great Cornish Food Store also joins a number of Cornish businesses who are choosing this route including Leap Media, Radix Communications and Nixon Design among others.

Ruth Huxley, who founded the store in 2016, said: “I grew up with an understanding that there are different ways of doing business and was very aware how rewarding my dad found being part of an employee-owned company and how much pride he had in his employers.

“I’ve had the idea for a while that this might be something I could replicate with my own business, and it feels like this is the perfect ‘re-set’ moment for it.

“The store is in great shape and we have an incredible team, who very much deserve a boost after all the challenges they have handled so admirably over the past two years. I’m convinced we can really power ahead now as a purpose-driven company, becoming even more successful while preserving our values and integrity long term.”