MP calls for ‘coalition of the willing’


Local MP Andrew George has called for a “coalition of the willing” to rescue the Isles of Scilly Ferry project.

Last week the Government announced that it was unable to fund the project in its present form and called on Cornwall Council to come up with a cheaper alternative.

However, the Council confirmed at the weekend that it was pulling out of the scheme and would not be drawing up any fresh plans.

A spokeswoman said: “As the link has been designated as a ‘lifeline’ service, it is ultimately the responsibility of the Government and not the Council to ensure that it is maintained.”

In an attempt to save the project, George is inviting local organisations to come together to respond to the Government’s challenge to find “a simpler, lower cost solution”.

The Isles of Scilly Steamship Company will attend, and invitations have been issued to the Duchy of Cornwall, Penzance Town Council, the Council of the Isles of Scilly, Cornwall Council, the Route Partnership, the five Cornwall Councillors representing Penzance Wards and the Penzance Business Network.

George explained that he was keen to hear from any other organisation or individual who believed that they could make a positive contribution.

The private meeting will take place on Thursday in Penzance.





  1. I cannot believe this continuation of the same behaviour that lost us the investment..He appears to only wish to invite, by name, his political ‘kitchen cabinet’ and mutual hand holders, [and the bigger players he must] and consign all others to anonymous ‘any other’ interested persons…does ‘Penzance Chamber of Commerce’ stick in his throat, or the ‘Penzance and district Tourism Association’ [or the Land’s End Association and St Ives one for that matter]? or the True Friends or Harbour Users association, or Causewayhead Traders?
    He is the last person to chair any meeting. he is weak and partisan.he ought to be seriously considering his position before he faces a polls humiliation, and allow other more dynamic, inclusive and clearer sighted people to come through.

  2. Andrew George came to Scilly to ask us which option we preferred. At the meeting over 90% of us put our hands up to Option A. He has ignored the wishes of the Islanders and it’s council.

    Cornwall Council passed Option A, sadly he has not accepted what the majority and elected wanted but sided with the nimbys & do nothings.
    The Scillonian has had it’s numbers cut to 434, BIH are not taking bookings beyond this October.

    Are Andrews chickens coming home to roost?

  3. Destroyer tries to turn into the creator.

    He is the main reason the scheme got turned down – he obviously had influence over the minister – a Lib Dem and used it to destroy a £65 million investment in the town.

    The people of Penzance can see through it.

    Absolute treachery.

    Years of careful consideration and planning wasted

  4. I find it incredulous that Andrew George believes himself the right person to chair this type of meeting, given the damage he has caused so far. HIs political games have cost his constituancy vital investment and now is the time for him to think about stepping down from his post rather than attempting to step up to the mark.

    I note that he has not automatically invited the Chamber of Commerce to his select gathering, despite it representing over 400 businesses both in Penzance and the IoS.

    I am all for getting together to try and build some kind of bridge and salvage some kind of good from the mess. But I cannot consider this a realistic opportunity for cohesion with Mr George at the helm. He lacks any credibility.

  5. This ”meeting” is little more than gesture politics. Look at the invited guests. Who are Penzance Business Network? A few small traders.
    George and PBN are archiectects of the demise of the now failed original bid having campaigned hard against it.
    It will be a miracle if any one but George supporters from town and county council turn up. The only voice of authority at the table will be Steamship co and they, of course , represent their company not the communities of Penzance or the Isle Of Scilly.
    It samacks of a face saving endeavour for George, his dicredited party faithful and PBN . In the very likely event that the Councils don’t attend that will be used as further propoganda in the game of blame laying.

  6. Andrew GeorgeMP is the last person in the World to chair any meeting on the future of the Isles of Scilly Ferry Link Project. Barring the Steamship Company with thier secret agenda and the spokesman for FofPH nobody did more to sink the Ferry Proejct. But for his unnecessary and improper meddling in the local planning process prior to the Dec 09 planning meeting the project could have been approved and the project largely built by know. Instead his actions, and the actions of others, have added millions of pounds of extra costs and resulted in the delivery of zero for Islanders and Penzance residents.

    It is the Islanders to decide the next step not Andrew George MP. It is their ferry link and their vital interest that are at stake.

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