Cornish Lithium has today (Sep 15) launched its new crowdfunding campaign.

The mineral exploration and development company has already raised more than £3 million through existing shareholders – with the opportunity now open to the wider public.

With an offer of up to £6.9 million, the campaign is an opportunity for investors to be part of Cornish Lithium’s journey as it supports the automotive industry and helps the UK transition towards net zero.

CEO Jeremy Wrathall

This latest offer to retail shareholders comes at a pivotal moment for Cornish Lithium. Last month, the company announced a £53.6 million initial investment from a group of leading institutional investors led by the UK Infrastructure Bank alongside The Energy & Minerals Group and TechMet.

The investment package, together with the crowdfunding campaign, will enable Cornish Lithium to progress its hard rock lithium project to a construction-ready status, as well as complete the engineering design work required to build a demonstration-scale geothermal waters extraction facility.

Founder and CEO, Jeremy Wrathall, said: “We are delighted to have been able to offer existing shareholders the opportunity to invest further in Cornish Lithium and to open it out to new shareholders. The appetite to help us succeed in our ambitions has already been overwhelmingly positive.

“This is an opportunity to invest in a British company doing great things for the UK’s Green Revolution.”

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