MP backing for tin mine


Local MP George Eustice visited the South Crofty last week to get an update on plans to de-water the mine and resume tin production at the site.

South Crofty was the last Cornish tin mine to remain open, closing down in 1998 after several years of decline. However, a Canadian company Cornish Metals, formally known as Strongbow Exploration, bought the site in July 2016 and announced plans to reopen the mine.

Eustice was given a tour of the mine by the chief operating officer of Cornish Metals, Owen Milahop, who outlined plans for a modern, state of the art mine.

The company has raised some initial funding through a listing on the AIM Market on the London Stock Exchange. Pumping equipment has been purchased and a site for a water treatment site has also identified and prepared.

Eustice said: “Tin is an essential ingredient to so much of the modern technology around us today from smart phones and tablets to electric cars and renewable energy. At South Crofty we have the most important tin reserves in the UK and some of the best in the world. As the global tin price rises, it would be good if we could resume production here.”

Milahop added: “We were very pleased to show George around the mine recently. George has been a big supporter of the project for many years and was particularly keen to learn more about how tin is critical for our transition to a low carbon economy. We greatly appreciate his continued support for this project.”


  1. appears social distance and wearing a mask not a necessity underground then. But am not surprised to see another incidence of those creating rules not abiding by them

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