As part of Cornwall Chamber’s Festival of Business, which runs from June 19-23, Copywriter Katie Wild will run a thought leadership workshop for marketers and C-Suite execs.

Katie Wild
Katie Wild

Embracing Top Tier Thought Leadership in Your Business takes place on Tuesday June 20, 10am-12pm at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall and is designed to help businesses reach more people and strengthen their brand by communicating to the right audiences, in the right way.

Thought leaders are held in high regard by their peers, recognised as individuals who have a deep understanding of their business and the wider industry around them; they have the knowledge and experience to offer valuable insight and unique ideas.

Wild regularly writes articles and columns on behalf of CEOs, CIOs and directors locally and nationally, creating copy that demonstrates the breadth of their knowledge and experience, and an acute awareness of what their customers need.

In this workshop, Wild will demonstrate the power of harnessing knowledge within a business in this way, and help marketers and company execs take the first steps on their thought leadership journey.

She said: “Business owners and company execs know their products and industry inside out. So often though, this knowledge is lost in the frenetic day-to-day running of the organisation and demands on their time.

“I’ve worked in businesses where business owners/directors will only deal with fellow business owners/directors, which is not at all conducive to business growth.

“Thought leadership is about harnessing all that valuable insight the C-Suite execs have (even if they don’t know it) and accessing their network to build trust around a brand, rather than just one person. It’s an additional marketing channel that’s easily neglected.”

During the workshop, Wild will talk attendees through the process of creating and executing a thought leadership comms strategy to strengthen a brand and generate a completely new stream of engagement. She’ll then guide attendees through the first steps of creating their first thought leadership article.

Booking is open now by clicking here.