Let the Business Show begin!


If you haven’t already added this to your diary, tomorrow is an important day for any business in Cornwall.

No matter what type of business you run, pop along tomorrow (Oct 6) to the Royal Cornwall Events Centre in Wadebridge for a productive day of networking and new ideas that will benefit you and your company.

The Cornwall Business Show has free masterclasses where you can pick up hints and tips on important topics like marketing, finance and HR, as well as the opportunity of meeting nearly 100 exhibitors offering services and expert advice that could make your business more streamline and profitable.

This year’s guest speaker is former Gadget Show presenter Jason Bradbury , who will take a step into our collective business future, predicting what key sectors – energy, entertainment, retail, home working – might look like in the next ten years.

Make sure to book your Fast Track Free Entry to the show through the CBS website. It takes a minute to register and means you can enter the show quickly and smoothly on arrival.

This event is sponsored by EPIC eHealth and supported by Shop Cornish, JHAV and Business Cornwall magazine.