Goonhilly has formally completed the acquisition of two teleports in America – a key step in its growth strategy across the satellite communications sector.

Goonhilly is expanding all communication service offerings from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) right through commercial GEO to lunar and deep space. It says the purchase of the teleports from COMSAT, one on the east coast and one on the west, offers it increased visibility and reach, enabling communication with a greater number of geographically-diverse satellites at any one time.

CEO, Ian Jones, explained: “We are delighted with this acquisition, which allows us to enhance our service offerings to all of our ground station clients.

“It’s a really exciting collaboration which brings together yet another group of experts who share our vision for further extending exceptional satellite communications with deep space and lunar capabilities. With their extensive experience of handling complex and highly customised network requirements, we are confident that this acquisition will provide real added value for our existing and future customers.”

Chris Faletra, CEO of COMSAT, added: “Both Goonhilly and COMSAT have been pivotal in shaping the world of satellite communications for over 60 years and there have been many parallels between our journeys on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s exciting to see what we’ll achieve together.”