New livestreaming platform


A start-up from Falmouth University’s, Launchpad, has released the first platform to allow anyone to create live interactive gameshows.

Codices, one of the UK’s leading interactive gameshow creators, started its gameshow journey on the livestreaming platform Twitch where it launched its gameshow extension Quiz Kit, which amassed over four million monthly viewers and has been used by over a million different live streamers to create live online quiz shows.

Its new platform, Moar, provides tools for creators to build their own live gameshow formats with the ability to make quiz shows, live polls, give out prizes and bring on live guests through their phone.

Codices’ aim is to help the UK become the leader of next generation entertainment – live mass participation gameshows, where everyone watching is a contestant. The trend started initially with the app HQ Trivia in 2017 which validated there was mass market appeal for interactive shows.

Codices co-founder and CEO, Tim Edwards, explained: “The reason we haven’t seen any mainstream live interactive gameshows since HQ Trivia is because they are hard to create and there isn’t really a platform setup for people to easily access them.

“The one thing everyone wants to do when watching a gameshow is play along. We found by making them live and interactive it increased the enjoyment factor significantly.”

Last year, after raising around £1m in investment, Codices set out to build a new gameshow platform, Moar, to facilitate the creation and supply of mass participation shows.

Edwards added: “Today, anyone can be a content creator and we didn’t want to restrict the tools to businesses or professionals by making them too complicated to use. Right now, we are in our open beta phase so it’s a great time to install and take advantage of our early offers and take a front row seat in seeing the platform develop.”

Adrian Scales, senior investment manager at Falmouth University, said: “Following the success of Quiz Kit it’s brilliant to see Codices launching their own standalone platform for content creators. We’re incredibly excited to continue to work with the team on this next step in their journey.”