The ‘best computing degree in the UK’

Headforwards directors Craig Girvan and Toby Parkins

Software company, Headforwards, has collaborated with Cornwall College to create what it hopes will be the best, most relevant tech degree course in the UK.

Earlier this year, Headforwards developed the coursework element of the college’s Computing, Networking and Software Development Foundation Degree course, and gave students a genuine business project to work on.

Success of the module means that over the next year, the company will change more of the course content and start to involve other businesses.

Toby Parkins, director at Headforwards, said: “Tech is advancing so rapidly that keeping up in terms of course content is a real challenge. When a college creates a course, the whole process can take 18 months or more, so it’s really difficult for modules to remain relevant.

“Students studying Computing at Cornwall College have been working on a real project from one of our clients at Headforwards; so real that if the students hadn’t done it, one of my team would have had to. That kind of industry experience at this level – dealing with real clients and real technologies, talking to Headforwards directors about the type of tech that could be used, and working closely with other software developers, is invaluable and will make the difference between a graduate being work-ready at the end of their course, or not.”

In March this year, Tech South West released a report that showed Cornwall as being the fastest growing tech sector in the south west, with an 18% predicted year on year growth rate over the period 2021 to 2026.

Parkins added “The average job in the software sector in Cornwall is double the average salary. This is a fantastic industry to get into and provides young people in the Duchy with the option of staying put and carving out a very successful career.

“Now, we have an outstanding course to set students up for that career, right here in Cornwall as well.”