A new platform has been launched to help businesses in Cornwall invest in digital innovation.

The Innovation Studio – created through the Acceleration Through Innovation 2 (ATI2) programme -has been built by design agency Vitamin Cornwall and will be available to SMEs from Monday (Jan 25).

The platform will assist SMEs in tackling some of their challenges by accessing fully-funded technology to work through accredited tools and resources, knowledge exchange and webinars.

As the platform continues to develop, businesses will be able to use the tools to work remotely in their home environment or with their teams, allowing each business to create their own personal profile to capture their journey and log their progress.

ATI2 programme manager, Jo Hancock, explained: It was really important to us when designing the studio that businesses felt that their experience on the platform was tailored to suit their specific business.

“In order to do this, we created multiple pathways which support different aspects of the innovation journey. By investing in a digital platform, ATI2 is now able to share the latest resources and tools specifically designed to help businesses innovate, grow and become more sustainable; it’s hugely exciting for businesses in Cornwall.”

Kathryn White, studio manager at Vitamin Cornwall, added: “From the outset we wanted to create a really engaging platform where the user felt like they were entering an innovation journey; a path that could turn their idea into a viable business.

“It was important to keep location at the heart of the design by bringing in strong and iconic images of Cornwall and overlaying it with a modern look to reflect the cutting-edge industries and businesses that are located here.”

ATI2 supports businesses in Cornwall to drive new opportunities via the introduction of innovation methodologies which accelerate the pace of growth. Led by the University of Plymouth, and part-funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the project helps business to take their ideas from concept to reality.