Software company claims world first


Launceston-based software company, Email Hippo, has launched a new email validation service that, it claims, will make a difference to businesses worldwide.

Email Hippo says it is the only company on the planet that can validate multiple Yahoo email addresses with more than a 99% accuracy.

It says the new service will help reduce spam, improve email deliverability and make email marketing more effective.

CEO, Rowland O’Connor, said: “Almost 30% of emails sent in 2015 were to Yahoo addresses. Being able to validate Yahoo addresses is another great first for us.

“Yahoo works differently to other email service providers so we’ve had to learn how to develop infrastructure to cope with the way it interacts with our software.

“We work for businesses all over the world, validating millions of emails every day and it was by listening to our customers that we developed this service – our customers were asking for it so we’ve developed the solution.”


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