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Aerial stills from Isle of Scilly

The 12,184 tonne cable ship Resolute sits a kilometre off the Porthcressa Beach on the Isle of Scilly. The cable laying ship is working to repurpose a fibre optic cable which used to connect England to Spain so that BT can deliver super fast broadband to the tiny island. The cable is seen here being pulled from the seabed. 23/07/2014 See SWNS story SWBROAD: Recent survey work on a beach in preparation for a broadband fibre optic cable link has alerted Scilly to an approaching new communications dawn. Ranulf Scarbrough, BT’s programme director of Cornwall Superfast Broadband, called it “a tremendous engineering feat” made tricky by the marine environment. But he said contractors were ready to do the cable work that would bring broadband to Scilly. “When it was announced, it was regarded as one of the most difficult and complicated in European waters for some years and, perhaps, anywhere in the world,” he said. The project was “challenging and innovative” in terms of logistics, ecology, environment, and the number of bodies to be consulted, he added.