Broadband boosts Bude business


Bude business VC Warehouse is hailing the impact that the arrival of superfast broadband has had on the company.

VC Warehouse's Hayley Forward and Verity Lawson
VC Warehouse’s Hayley Forward and Verity Lawson

VC Warehouse, based in Marhamchurch near Bude, provides video conferencing equipment and services and employs five staff at Marhamchurch.

Manager Verity Lawson said: “Superfast broadband has had a massive impact on our business. It is enabling us to work in new and better ways as well as develop innovative products that will help our business grow well into the future, bringing more jobs to north Cornwall.

“We now enjoy internet speeds of around 30 Mbps, which is 20 times faster than previously. This means we can be far more effective and productive.

“We sell our systems to customers across the globe, including companies in the city, and now we can demonstrate a far higher quality of video call. All of us can now sell and demonstrate our products at the same time, without any reduction in quality, thanks to the superfast internet connection speeds.”

VC Warehouse also received funding from the Superfast Cornwall Fund, the £1 million investment scheme supported by the Government’s Regional Growth Fund. This has helped it develop and launch a new cloud-based video conferencing system called Upstream.

Paula Dolphin, Cornwall Councillor for Grenville & Stratton, added: “Superfast broadband is a real driver for economic growth and I am delighted that our local companies are able to take advantage of this opportunity.”