High hopes for new software launch


Cornwall-based computer specialist 151-IT has developed a cost-effective new PC program to revolutionise the way small and medium sized companies can use IT to make their businesses more efficient.

The new 151-Workflow package is an individually tailored program which seamlessly brings together and manages a wide range of tasks – including staff records, order tracking, contacts databases and invoicing.

It has been developed by Truro-based 151-IT, led by Jim Leon, who has more than 20 years experience in PC/network support, including with one of the world’s leading IT companies, global giants Unisys.

Leon said: “Anyone who has staff, customers, documents or databases to be organised or reports printed can benefit from Workflow.

“Many smaller companies use a variety of PC-based programs such as Word, Excel or Outlook to do different tasks. We wanted to develop something which brings everything together and in many cases saves people inputting the same information twice.”

Based on Microsoft Visual Basic, the 151-Workflow package brings together different aspects of MS Office and can be installed on individual PCs or on to a server, allowing it to be used by up to 256 operators.