Engaging with a pop icon


A Cornish company has teamed with ’80s music icon, Howard Jones, on his latest project.


Engage is an “interactive, multi-sensory experience, reflecting Howard’s famously energetic live shows”, and comprises a DVD, CD and limited edition large format book, all beautifully packaged by Falmouth-based agency, Hush Creative.

Jones, who describes the project as his best work yet, explained: “I wanted to challenge myself with Engage; to liberate myself from conventional song structures. I didn’t want to produce another studio album.

“I wanted to create an immersive audience experience and knew this had to be translated through to the packaging.

“All the elements that make Engage have been captured perfectly by Ian Walden at Hush Creative, and continued through the creation of this large format book.”

Walden said the project had been the biggest challenge ever undertaken by Hush, but was delighted with the result.

“To see all 500 Engage books all beautifully packaged and ready to go; knowing each and every one has been handmade, collated, stamped, assembled and built, is something I am incredibly proud of.”