Surf crowd supports Wavelength


Wavelength Media has announced that it has reached its initial fundraising target on Crowdfunder with three weeks still to spare.

Wavelength Media recently completed a buyout of Wavelength Surf Magazine, Europe’s longest-running surfing publication, from Wild Bunch Media and brought it back to Cornwall.


And to help fund its future plans as an independent surf publication, it turned to the crowdfunding portal,

With Crowdfunding rules making it an all or nothing game, the initial fundraising target was set at £15k.

“We are delighted with the response that we have had from both our loyal community as well as the wider industry,” said Wavelength editor, Tim Nunn.

“We now have three weeks to really push on with the campaign targeting £30k, safe in the knowledge that the campaign has already been a storming success.”

He added: “Having been involved in Wavelength for nearly ten years, I couldn’t be more excited by the plans that we have for Wavelength.

“We already have a solid foundation as well as a genuine heritage here at Wavelength, with the team we have in place as well as the talent we are continuing to recruit, it is my job to ensure that the quality of content we produce reaches new highs.”

As well as publishing six issues a year, Wavelength Media has also set to work on producing a new website.