Cornish Spliced on a charity mission

Julian Waring and Frank Plummer

A local business with strong links to the sea has launched a year-long mission to raise funds for a charity that helps ex-fishermen and their families.

Cornish Spliced repurposes discarded fishing rope and ghost gear into a range of products including wall-hangings, mats, bowls, keyrings, dog leads and toys.

The small family business has nominated the Fishermen’s Mission to be its charity of the year, with a range of initiatives to raise funds over the next 12 months.

Starting from today, Cornish Spliced will donate 10% of the profit from its range of keyrings made from discarded fishing rope and ghost gear.

Cornish Spliced will also donate at least 10% of its fee to organise and deliver corporate workshops – which are proving to be popular team-building and mental health days.

As well as raising funds for the Fishermen’s Mission, Cornish Spliced is also proud to support other charities, providing their goodies at a reduced cost to charities so that they can sell them at a profit.

‘Grandad’ Frank Plummer, from Cornish Spliced, said: “I come from a generations of fishermen. My dad and uncles taught me the skills that I needed – including how to splice. I’m proud to be passing on these heritage skills to my daughters and grandchildren, to help prevent them being lost.

“I’ve spent a lot of time at sea, so I’m proud that our little family venture has officially nominated the Fishermen’s Mission as our charity of the year as they do so much for fishing families.”

Julian Waring, regional fundraising manager for the Fishermen’s Mission, said: “On behalf of the Fishermen’s Mission, we’re delighted that Cornish Spliced have chosen us as their charity of the year.

“It fits in so well with not only the creative idea of the products but the ideas come from a family steeped in the Cornish fishing heritage.”