Cathedral launches roof appeal


Truro Cathedral has launched a £3.2 million appeal to undertake urgent repairs to its roof.

The existing roof has been in place since the nave was completed in 1908. Over the 107 years, the weather has taken its toll and though some slates have been replaced, the original slates have deteriorated to the point they all now need replacing.

In total, it will take five years and £3.2 million to undertake the required works. Last October, the cathedral received a Government grant of £500k towards the project, leaving a total of £2.7 million to be raised between now and 2020.

Roof HR 2

The Dean of Truro, the Very Reverend Roger Bush, said: “There are already holes in the roof and so it is a priority to undertake the repairs as soon as possible in order to make the building watertight once more.

“If the work is not undertaken, the holes will grow larger and more damage will occur internally. Many people don’t realise that Truro Cathedral is a self-funded entity separate from the Diocese of Truro and is entirely reliant on donations from supporters and visitors. As Cornwall’s only cathedral, it is vital we launch this appeal to raise the extra funds needed to preserve this special building.”

To make a donation to the Truro Cathedral Roof Appeal, click here.