Lingard named to national committee


Chris Lingard, managing partner of Truro and Exeter-based law firm Follett Stock, has been appointed to the committee of the national association of Higher Court Advocates (SAHCA).

Lingard, who has been a Solicitor Advocate (SA) for a decade, is excited about the new role with SAHCA, which meets in central London on a monthly basis. He said: “There is a great deal of confusion in this country as to quite what a Solicitor Advocate is.

“Basically SA’s have the same rights as barristers to appear in the highest courts in the land. I am honoured to have been appointed at such a crucial time for Solicitor Advocates.

“The Government is wanting to press ahead with ill thought out reforms for advocacy in this country and our job with the help of the Bar Council, the Law Society and Solicitors Regulatory Authority, is to persuade them that they are wrong.”

Lingard will be speaking on behalf of SAHCA at the forthcoming launch of the Law Society’s own Advocacy Section in Plymouth on March 26.

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