Sarah Lillicrap Joins Ashley PR Team


Press Release

When ITV announced its intention to merge its Bristol and West Country news services, Sarah decided the time had come for a change and approached Ashley PR, having appreciated their work from ‘the other side’ for over ten years.

As Senior partner Sue Wolstenholme said: “With Sarah on board we will be building our local client base further to continue to offer strategic advice on reputation and relationship management and to manage issues, risks, media relations, and events and to do even more excellent media training. Sarah’s in depth knowledge of local and political issues together with her valuable media skills will be tremendous assets to the Ashley team.”

Sarah first worked in Cornwall for the Packet Newspaper Group followed by the West Briton, Pirate FM, becoming youngest Head of News independent radio had ever had at that point and then Carlton TV in 1994. She stayed with them as the Cornwall Reporter and Regional Education Correspondent through various changes of identity all the way up to ITV Westcountry.

Sarah wants to be part of Ashley because she wants to make a difference – in her own words: “I think it is vitally important that PR firms do the job well and over the years I have worked with far too many that simply don’t. As a member of the media it is incredibly frustrating when you are trying to obtain information only to be blocked at every turn by a PR firm that refuses to provide adequate information at the time the media needs it. This, to my mind, is not good PR for the client and I never fail to be amazed by how many companies seem to think that by issuing a fairly bland “one size fits all” press release, they have somehow fulfilled their obligations.”

Sarah has a complete understanding of what the news media want at any given time together with an appreciation of how a story will be reported and progressed. This will enable her to advise clients on how their actions will be perceived by the news media and how best to get their story heard and seen.

Editors Notes:

For further information please contact Sue Wolstenholme on (01579) 370991.

Ashley Public Relations was established in 1996 and has always been based in Cornwall. Current clients include (locally) SITA Cornwall, Hodgsons, Orecon, Cornwall Food Project (nationally) The Chartered Institute of Public Relations, the Association of Colleges (internationally) Al Jazeera Training and the Syrian International Academy. Sue Wolstenholme is currently President of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association; Chair of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Qualifications Awarding Body and Examinations Board and Vice-Chair of the Hall For Cornwall Board.

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