Local oil supplier Mitchell & Webber has been invited to participate in a roundtable discussion as part of the UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) EXPO 2024, celebrating the company’s work with a revolutionary renewable heating oil substitute called Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO).

Directors John and Robert Weedon have been invited to speak at the two-day national conference (April 10-11) to highlight the success of the large-scale renewable fuel trials in Cornwall and will partake in a Future Ready Fuel Roundtable discussion on the topic.

John Weedon commented: “We are honoured to be invited to be part of such a prestigious event.

“After nearly half a decade working with this renewable liquid fuel, as UK Government realise their ‘one-size-fits-all’ heat pump approach may not be the answer for all homes using kerosene heating oil, to be recognised as an alternative fuel success story is a milestone we are proud to reach.”

Mitchell & Webber is the leading HVO supplier in the south west, operating across Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, and Dorset.

UKIFDA’s two-day EXPO, taking place at the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool, will revolve around the theme of ‘Working Together in Changing Times’. A highlight of the event is the Future Opportunities Conference, and considering the successes across the south west, HVO is seen as a perfect fit for the event’s schedule.

The business leaders have been invited to discuss their recent work in Kehelland, the first village in the UK to be entirely converted from fossil fuels to HVO as part of a recent successful trial.

John and Robert Weedon

John Weedon explained: “Over the last three years, 50 homes, a small primary school and a Methodist church were converted to HVO in a trial funded by Mitchell & Webber. HVO is a reliable and effective alternative to installing heat pump systems in rural areas. The trial demonstrated that HVO reduces 88% of carbon emissions compared with kerosene and works in all types of off gas-grid houses and kerosene oil boilers, concluding that this renewable liquid fuel is the most cost effective and least disruptive solution for customers.”

Robert Weedon added: “With recent Government mandates such as the proposed Renewable Liquid Heating Fuel Obligation (RLHFO), which mirrors similar legislation in the transport sector, the oil boiler ban delay, and the Net Zero reset, HVO is emerging as a leading alternative to fossil fuels as the demand for such solutions increases.

“The UKIFDA EXPO is an amazing platform to champion and celebrate HVO in front of a wider audience. Whilst it’s great to be recognised in this way, we know the hard work is only just beginning, and we hope the conference is a launching point for accelerating the actions the Government needs to take to make renewable liquid fuels more affordable and available for off gas-grid homes and businesses across the country.”