Farm community shares campaign


Following its fifth successful growing season, Soul Farm, a no-dig market farm based in Falmouth, has launched its community shares campaign, providing an opportunity for individuals to contribute to the growth of the small-scale agriculture movement.

Soul Farm currently feeds 740 local people weekly through initiatives such as veg boxes and a market stall. Additionally, it supplies local restaurants across Falmouth and Flushing and actively supports partners experiencing food insecurity by donating surplus produce.

With a goal of raising £310k, Soul Farm is offering this opportunity to the local community to become a co-owner and join its small team in its mission to make healthy, sustainably grown food accessible to everyone, regardless of income or background.

Whilst the positive impact of the farm is already being felt within the community, Soul Farm needs to grow to meet demand for its ecologically grown food. The funds raised will go towards the building of a new polytunnel, which will increase winter vegetable production and reduce the reliance on bringing in food from outside Cornwall as well as the training and hiring of new team members.

Through this new programme, Soul Farm wants to give local people the opportunity to play an active role in shaping the future of this movement. By purchasing community shares, they will not only invest in the growth of the farm, but also have a say in the decision-making process and future of the farm.

Co-founder, Laurence Jarrett-Kerr, explained: “Here at Soul Farm, we believe that food is the heartbeat of our community. It brings us together around the table, fostering connections that go beyond the mere act of eating. Unfortunately, in today’s world of supermarkets, the essence of community is often lost in mass production. We want to change that narrative.

“The demand for locally grown, sustainable food has never been more apparent, and our community’s appetite for our produce far exceeds our supply. To meet this demand, our goal is clear – we’re striving to at least double our production, and whilst doing so, strengthen that connection between our community and the food we grow.”

To find out more about how you can support Soul Farm, click here.