A showcase for agroforestry


A Cornish start-up exhibited and sponsored the inaugural Agroforestry Show earlier this month.

The two-day event held on Helen Browning’s organic Eastbrook Farm near Swindon, saw “the beginning of change” with agreement across 1,200 delegates that trees can be the key to securing food production while tackling climate change and nature recovery.

The show, saw farmers, foresters, researchers, environmentalists, and policymakers come together on one farm to share insights and advice on how farm businesses can benefit from trees.

The Grower, founded by Chris and Inez Williams-King, is located on their fifth generation family-run farm just outside St Agnes.

Inez said: “As a relatively new business, the show was a great opportunity for us to meet with organisations and individuals from across the UK to discuss the benefits of trees.

“We’re extremely proud to have sponsored an event at the forefront of agricultural and ecological policy as it represents everything we believe in for a resilient future.

“A key aim for us as a business is to connect our customers with the people growing their trees ensuring end to end traceability and encourage greater quality plants, planting, and maintenance. Not only that, but we could really show attendees what agroforestry looked like in a real life setting on our family farm here in Cornwall.

“As we keep saying, we’re really practicing what we’re preaching. The show has been fantastic opportunity for us to showcase everything that we’re about as a business.”