MWJV making an impact


A Cornish construction and professional services consultancy has generated an added social and economic value of £59.5 million as a result of its work with Cornwall Council over the past four years.

Mace Ward Williams Joint Venture (MWJV), which is a joint venture between Mace and Ward Williams Associates (WWA), has released its annual report following its fourth year of work with Cornwall Council on the £650 million construction and infrastructure capital programme of investment within the Built Environment Professional Services (BEPS) Framework.

Andy Snapes, board member at MWJV and senior partner at WWA, said: “We are proud to outline the social value impact of MWJV for this year in line with our ongoing commitment to share and engage on this critical area of business within our built environment and construction sector.

“The work of MWJV in partnership with our delivery partners is deeply rooted in how we aim to shape positive impact in our communities and to develop a vibrant future-focused workforce in Cornwall, putting into practice the UK Government vision of the Construction Playbook through innovation, collaboration and delivery, sitting alongside positive social outcomes.”

As well as the added social and economic value it has achieved to date, the 2023 version of the annual report shares a summary of the company’s work and achievements over the past 12 months. Some of the headline results achieved by MWJV are its involvement in creating 202 new jobs, delivering 139 career events, facilitating 3,367 hours of work experience, and providing training and development for 150 people, surpassing its original goal by 215%. The joint venture has now spent £27.6 million on local businesses, with £20.3 million of this being spent with SMEs across the region.

Snapes added: “From the headline figures of over £59 million of value to the local economy through new jobs, training and upskilling, community and educational volunteering and local spend, through to the very individual impact we are able to create for young people entering the workforce through structured training programmes such as T Levels and apprenticeships, it is clear that economic growth through construction and positive impact is possible through innovative local partnerships such as MWJV.

“We celebrate this impact in our 2023 Social Value Report and look forward to its ongoing evolution and growth.”

The full annual report is available for download here.