New shared workspace opens


A new co-workspace has opened its doors in Newquay to welcome freelancers, creatives and business owners keen to be part of a local green project.

The co-workspace model at Newquay Orchard claims to be the first of its kind in the UK bringing together a community garden and collaborative office-working environment.

Based in Kowel Gwenen, the new community building is the brainchild of CEO Luke Berkeley.

He said: “The way we work as a society has been changing for a long time now and this has only been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic. I think bringing together lots of different people with different specialisms, in a space that we have proven can benefit mental health, will be a fascinating reaction to this change in working life.”

“The office team here at Newquay Orchard experience first-hand the benefits that can come from working in a community space like this. Taking that time away from their screen to walk through the Orchard, join a volunteering session or even forage for some herbs to take home for dinner has impacted their ways of working and their mental and physical health and that’s what we want to share with our members of the co-workspace at Kowel Gwenen.”

It will run on a membership scheme whereby members can use the space on a half day, full day, flexible or permanent working arrangement. Becoming a member means individuals using the co-workspace can benefit from discount in Canteen at the Orchard, make use of the opportunity to volunteer alongside the horticulture team and gain priority access to tickets for future events held at Newquay Orchard.