Bitter in Paradise


Paradise Park owner Nick Reynolds has resurrected the Paradise Brewery and will be pulling the first pint of Paradise Bitter this weekend at the Bird in Hand in Hayle.

When Reynolds took the pub back under the wing of Paradise Park, high on his wish list was to restart Paradise Brewery, and again create the two signature beers Paradise Bitter and Artists Ale. He has brushed up on his skills with the help of original brewer John Davis from St Erth.

And his ambition will be realised at 8.30pm this Friday (December 18), when he will serve the first pint of Paradise Bitter in nearly 20 years.

He said “I’m remembering what hard work brewing is. The first wort (The liquid that contains the sugars to be fermented to produce the alcohol) is now in the fermenting vessel and the smell takes me right back to the last time I did this in the late 1980’s.

“I’m remembering all the processes, and the next thing we do is ‘rousing’ it to complete the process before barrelling it ready to drink on the 18th. I’ve already tasted the wort and even at this early stage I know it’s going to be good.”

The Great Western Jazz Band will be performing on the night and join in the celebrations.