Coastline drives up green standards


Pool-based building maintenance firm Coastline Services is taking steps towards turning green with the leasing of eight new vans, to be maintained by local company T Harvey and Sons of Redruth.Managing director Ken Govier said: “Upgrading our fleet will allow us to help minimise the effect our vans have on the environment locally. Green issues are very important to our customers – and that means they’re important to us too.” 

The new vans have lower emission levels and are therefore more environmentally-friendly than the older models. 

Dominic Palmer, logistics coordinator at Coastline Services, explained: “T Harvey and Sons have looked after our fleet for over six years and have just been awarded the top dealer accolade for sales in Isuzu Trucks for the 1st quarter in 2009. They have also been awarded three awards for customer care over the last three years, so it’s definitely the sort of local company that we like to support.

“In these challenging times, we feel it’s crucial to support fellow local businesses and keep money in the county wherever possible.” 

Coastline Services has also developed an in-house green policy which addresses issues such as printing, photocopying, lighting, heating, sustainable procurement and archiving, and has developed and built its very own recycling depot with a full team to sort and distribute all waste brought back from works and office sites. 

The Coastline Services recycling depot has reduced the company’s need for landfill by approximately 40% in one year saving 283 tonnes of landfill – a huge step on the road towards complete sustainability.

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