Guest post: technology & data strategy

The IT crowd is no longer sitting in the basement, says Headforwards lead advisory partner Pete Reed. They’re contributing in the board room and they’re influencing business strategy.


The scope and relevance of IT and Data on businesses has been expanding for years, and technology, digital and data have become relevant and challenging for businesses across all sectors. It can therefore be an area that is overwhelming and uncomfortable for non-technical leaders and directors. But neglecting to pay attention to the Technology and Data strategy could seriously impact productivity and your ability to compete.

Digital transformation has become a catch-all phrase but really it just refers to the changes and efficiencies that need to be made in tech, digital or data, to enable an organisation to deliver on its business strategy. To simplify it even further, it’s about connecting people and systems.

When we look at it this way, all businesses should be working on digital transformation projects, and most likely not as a one-off.

You can’t really transform a business effectively if the answer of any of these questions is ‘no’:

  • Is everyone on board? Digital transformation is a change project, and everyone should understand what the goals are and how the business is going to get there. Executive and management teams need to be well aligned around the vision, strategy and culture.
  • Is the whole business taking ownership? Tech, data and digital touches everyone, not just IT roles. The business as a whole should own the transformation.
  • Do you know the major business risks? Your people should understand how this project supports risk mitigation.
  • Does your Product and Services Roadmap align with your Technology and Data Roadmap? It’s critical that the two correlate.

If your business strategy doesn’t consider the Technology and Data strategy and appropriate transformation projects, now is the time to escalate it into the boardroom.

About the author:

Pete Reed is former Chief Information Officer for AXA Health, and now lead Advisory Partner with Headforwards. Find out more here

If you’re a business leader engaging with larger scale organisational technology and data strategy join Pete for a free briefing and roundtable at the Alverton Hotel on Thursday 16 November from 3:30 – 5:30pm. There are limited free places available so please email to reserve yours.