TIGERX. – A quick catch up

Words by Penwith College student, Caleb Cross


It has been a while since Business Cornwall first met TIGERX. MD Dougie Cross  – the December 2009 issue of the magazine to be precise.

His company has certainly changed since we last saw him 13 years ago, yet Dougie still captains the ship over at TIGERX.

TIGERX. specializes in CGI, expanding their reach by designing numerous building projects in new exciting places such as Mumbai and Dubai. A couple of years ago, TIGERX. became more and more involved with VR, particularly because it could be used to allow the client to look round the building or room they were about to make.

His last interview on here was a Last Word article, so we thought we would re-ask him some of the tough questions to see if his answers have changed at all over the years.

Is Jonathon Ross still the most annoying TV personality?

No, nowadays there are far too many to pick just one!

Any new stand out moments in your career?

Winning a major rail contract with the team a couple of years ago was exhilarating for us all.

How do you like to relax?

Garden, sunshine & gin usually hits the spot… especially whilst strumming the guitar.

Best thing about Cornwall?

Still those warm summer days before most of the tourists appear.

Now for some new questions, what advice would you give to your past self, particularly when you were setting up the business?

Buy Bitcoin ha-ha, but seriously I would probably just tell myself to enjoy the journey, and that every business has ups and downs.

What are the new technologies that might be impacting your industry sometime very soon?

Definitely games technology, real time raytracing is a big one as well. The potential for AI is also high.

What has COVID taught you?

That different business models are possible, and nothing is certain!

What would you like to be doing in 5 years’ time?

See all things I enjoy above, but maybe even something completely different. Who knows where life will lead?

If Cornwall had a president, who would you vote for?

Would have to be Kernow King!


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