The University of Exeter is a world-class, research intensive university and a member of the Russell Group providing gold-standard education at campuses in Cornwall and Devon. It is also a world-leader on environment, climate and sustainability research, courses and partnerships.

According to a recent Reuters list, the University of Exeter has the UK’s five most influential climate scientists – all in the top 21 in the world. For more than twenty years the University has been leading the way in research and education to address climate and environmental change. By mobilising it’s environmental expertise of over 500 researchers and professionals, the University is seeking to accelerate global action in partnership with governments, businesses and communities.

In 2021, the University launched a ‘Green Futures’ campaign to drive action on the environment and climate emergency ahead of the G7 in Cornwall and COP26 in Glasgow. The Green Futures campaign demonstrates how the University of Exeter is collaborating with businesses, influencing national and international policy, and working with communities to co-create solutions.

The University’s expertise underpins research across a wide range of areas including Biodiversity, Energy, Environmental Intelligence, Marine and Positive Tipping Points to address the climate crisis through a range of institutes and centres – including the Joint Centre for Excellence in Environmental Intelligence in partnership with the UK Met Office. Working with partners, the University of Exeter has directly supported over 1,000 businesses in environmental science and sustainability related sectors.

Through education and courses, the University is training the next generation and inspiring thousands of students to become the leaders of tomorrow. The University is committed to building a sustainable, green future in the next decade through partnerships, skills and knowledge exchange.

For more information about environment and climate education, research, partnerships, events and news visit: https://greenfutures.exeter.ac.uk/