What are your hopes and dreams for 2021?

The one good thing I think 2020 has given us is a period of time to reflect and think about our lives. It may have been forced upon us and we may not have welcomed it, but it has enabled us to be more creative with our time and appreciate what is important.

We have had to adapt to how we run our businesses, lives and how we interact with people and new ways of working have now become the norm which has also opened up opportunities we never knew existed.

Many of my clients have taken this opportunity to work through what they want to change, whether it’s a new career, a new business model or a change in direction with their life.

Do you have a goal in mind or are you not sure yet but really want to achieve something by this time next year?

So, what is coaching? –  Coaching will empower you to reach your full potential through listening, questioning and being a catalyst for change.

As a coach I am not here to give you the answers but to create an opportunity for you to explore in a safe, trustworthy environment to start you on the journey to be the person you have always known you could be.

Outdoor Coaching – I love living in Cornwall and spending as much time as possible in the stunning environment that surrounds me, whether it’s on the beach, the coast path or inland exploring our beautiful countryside.

I try and hold all my coaching sessions outdoors as this can stimulate emotions, jog memories and improve conversations which aids your self-reflection and self-evaluation, all essential constituents of successful coaching.

“It’s hugely enjoyable – and rewarding – to work with Tina, she’ll get you where you want to be. Maybe even a little further.’

Let’s take a walk and plan your future …………….