Strategy: Planning for success


Benbole Management director, Richard Trant, has some end of year housekeeping tips.

We all recognise that there is a need for careful strategic planning and regular reviewing of our systems. However, for many small businesses, those who are best suited to drive this activity have their hands full with the day-to-day graft of delivering a product or range of services. But having a plan provides a target; it allows good prioritisation of effort and resource and shows that the organisation knows where it wants to be in the short, medium and long term.

At Benbole we aim to enable these key elements of management. We hope to provide clients with a straight-talking sounding board when they are developing strategic ideas and articulating these in achievable parameters. We will always try to answer the exam question rather than offer a templated solution.

“….a structured and flexible schedule for prioritisation of work going forward, addressing our initial brief with further valuable insight and strategies being implemented across all aspects of the business.” Cliff Harris, Director PR First

Our experience has covered a wide variety of sectors.  For example, recent work has included supporting an expanding furniture manufacturer, a London based PR Firm operating in a highly competitive sector, and Cornish based Care provider facing any number of pressures which are prevalent in that sector. To provide a flavour, the furniture company requested that we look at their manufacturing process from the acquisition of new business, through design, production, fitting to happy customer. The company was growing its production by an order of magnitude therefore the onus was on proving current processes were scalable and fit for purpose beyond expansion, and where this could not be guaranteed, identifying options and solutions to achieve the required robustness desired.

“….the thoroughness and meticulous attention to detail, which enabled the production of an informative report, with constructive recommendations….[continue] working with Benbole in the future to implement recommendations and continue to improve Strategies within NBJ” Neil Burke, Managing Director, NBJ

We know management teams face a huge number of conflicting priorities and it’s the bottom line that dictates how these stack up. Nonetheless, management tools such as sound planning, the reviewing of operational effort and where resources are used must be part of this equation.

Businesses understand this but often don’t have the capacity to give them the time they need; Benbole strives to fill this gap with a business specific bespoke service that will answer the question with bespoke solutions.


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