Editor’s blog: True British grit?


I’m going to have a moan. A rant if you like. I’m always at my best being miserable.

One flake of snow and this country seems to grind to a standstill. Just a touch of dandruff down here, but still enough excuse fodder for the teachers to take the day off.

Thousands of businesses get affected as well, with meetings cancelled, and workers taking the “sensible” option and staying indoors.

What must some of our European cousins be making of it? And in America too, where blankets of snow for two or three months is commonplace. We’re a laughing stock.

The over-reacting tabloids don’t exactly help, encouraging our general state of helplessness and hysteria whenever we get some weather. In the summer, it’s “Phew, what a scorcher!” And in the winter it’s. “Frrrreezing Brrrrritain”.

Come on people, where’s all this famous British grit?

Not on the roads, you may reply.

Granted, but it’s not exactly ten foot snow drifts out there. Care, caution and commonsense will see us through.

But no, it’s running round like headless chickens in the best don’t panic Captain Mainwaring tradition.

In the UK, we all seem obsessed with the weather, but can’t deal with it. We poke that grizzly bear with a stick, and blub when it reacts.


  1. I’m not sure, Nick – isn’t the POINT that other countries get it all the time and we don’t? That is – they’re kitted out, geared up, clued in, and whatever else.

    Yes, the main roads aren’t too bad – but I was stuck on sheet ice on a hill yesterday, as early as 4pm, and it wasn’t pleasant… Not a driving problem, just a country road (that I couldn’t avoid) with too much of a gradient.

    If there is an answer, it isn’t toughing it out – somehow, we need better infrastructure. Whether that’s an army of gritters on standby for the very few serious instances of ice that we do get, though, or better home / flex working technology, is a matter for debate…

    • Granted, the last few days have been quite extreme. My point was that whenever we get a couple of flakes, the country grinds to a standstill. And snow in winter is not uncommon in the UK. We should be more clued up, but lessons never seem to be learned.

  2. Don’t know what all the fuss is about; our vans were loaded and out as usual. We were praised for our prompt delivery at Follett Stock, early this morning. Our biggest problem was arranging child care for our staff when their children couldn’t go to School.

  3. What’s the difference between Elvis Presley and a Cornwall Council gritting lorry? There are reports that Elvis has been spotted!!

  4. unfortunately it’s the muppets that can’t drive in it that cause the problem. I’m staying in today as I don’t wish to be driving at 5mph all the way or have someone lose it on a corner and write off another car!

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