Featured test drive

Carrs Jaguar Land Rover this month lent Morveth the all electric Jaguar I-Pace. A highly coveted car which boasts 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds whilst being able to achieve approaching 300 miles on a single charge

It was my first time visiting the brand-new Jaguar Land Rover showroom just off the
A30 at Scorrier. A huge investment but with an incredible result. The detail and finish
of the showroom itself is exceptional and great lengths have gone to ensure that client experience is second to none – it has set a new bar for showrooms in Cornwall. Features
include an enclosed drive-through service area where you leave your car undercover and
walk directly into the showroom where you are taken care of.

Up until the I-Pace, it seemed Tesla pretty much had a monopoly over the premium
all-electric car market over £50k. Now there’s more choice, including the new Audi E Tron,
but the I-Pace is firmly at the centre and has been well received. What you have is a car
that seemingly is too good to be true: new generation Jaguar refinement and luxury,
coupled with planet saving eco credentials.

I see the I-Pace as a luxury performance SUV which is reflected in the body design which
compares to both coupes and SUVs alike – Its distinct and bold look turns heads, but
being electric and with a softer carbon foot it means it’s widely well received and it’s hard to resultingly label it ostentatious, when it’s trying to do its bit for the planet.

The cabin is less distinct but has the quality and finish to match the renowned German
rivals. Untroubled and well-equipped, you hardly notice that everything has been
designed around the batteries which sit low down underneath you, leaving plenty of cabin
and storage space.

The drive is effortless and refined, just with a hint of tyre noise, which kind of indicates how quiet the rest is as there’s nothing to drown it out. The ride of beautifully smooth and
uncompromised by the big 20” (or optional 22”) wheels.

The performance will ensure every journey will make you smile. The combination of huge
torque and linear power which is delivered instantaneously, together with a low centre of
gravity and weight over the wheels to allow for exceptional grip, results in the I-Pace getting off the line absurdly quickly, throwing itself forward but with zero fuss and unwavering consistency – anything short of a seriously hot conventional car will get left for dead. And the thing is, the Jag doesn’t boast about this – the acceleration makes a mockery of the high-performance market without even trying. Don’t get too carried away though as the range will suffer!

On the subject of range, based on my driving style which included a slightly heavier right
foot than normal, it was still projecting over 250 miles which means places like Bristol and
Cardiff are comfortably doable on a single charge and London and the Home Counties
is just about achievable in one run (depending on where in Cornwall you’re coming from) or
better, give it a quick charge at a service station en route whilst you have a break. One thing that is worth noting: if you’re charging it from home off a domestic plug then it can take up to 24 hours to fully charge. This time is significantly reduced using purpose built rapid chargers.

Overall this is probably the most relevant car I’ve driven to date and a very well accomplished one. If an EV suits your lifestyle and you can afford it, then this could well be
the perfect car for you. It’s a lot cheaper than the luxury Tesla Model S and Model X and
the Model 3, which comes in much cheaper, doesn’t offer the same luxury.

The car I test drove is finished in Yulong white metallic paint with the ebony grained
leather interior. The car is currently available to purchase at £64,999 from Carrs Jaguar in


Carrs Jaguar, Scorrier
01872 305983