This is a very easy review for me and I’m not going to polish it up in a round-about way: The Skoda Superb sits in the executive class midst seriously tough competition and totally holds its own in an appealing understated way and with a list price considerably lower than many – starting from £19,945. Therefore it’s plainly clear why this car has received numerous awards and top reviews. On paper the Superb is undeniably one of the best propositions you’ll find in this sector and must be considered.

Executive cars are known for being large, well-equipped and comfortable, which the Superb is and will lap up the miles effortlessly. Deceptively, the Superb is actually a hatchback which of course lends itself to the Cornish lifestyle yet giving a saloon appearance (you can also get an estate), so you get the best of both worlds. It’s massively roomy, I’m 6ft 4” (with disproportionately long limbs) and with me sat comfortably in the driving seat there’s ample room behind me for someone with similar proportions.

I tested the SportLine model which has a 190bhp 2l diesel and is also 4×4. I often get frustrated by some brands marketing derived initiatives to develop tame sports versions which offer little more than a few cosmetic touches, bigger wheels and slightly more ponies resulting in a product that sometimes looks and sounds better than it drives. However, this SportLine version actually feels sporty to drive. The DSG gearbox is super-responsive which gets the most out of the diesel engine making the delivery more linear and seamless than you’d expect. With spirited driving it turns into a hot-hatch-like drive with good contact through the steering wheel, agility and holds the road seriously well. Impressive since the ride on this version is barely compromised and irons out uneven surfaces graciously. Other Superb models will be more comfortable again but of course won’t handle quite as well.

There’s a decent range of engines including 1.6l and 2l diesel’s and 1.4l and 2l TSI petrol’s. My preference is the 2l diesel variants which moves it along effortlessly and in reality will return mpg levels close to the 1.6 diesel and better than that of the petrols.

Though some cars in this class feel more glamourous, the Superb feels sophisticated, confident and accomplished and the low list price it makes it one of the class leaders. It’s superb!

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