A new environmentally-friendly contact sharing app has been launched.

The mYcard app is the brainchild of Truro-based therapist and environmentalist, Malachy Dunne. For a yearly subscription of £36, mYcard subscribers can download the app to create an infinite number of digital business cards.

And with 50% of mYcard’s profits being reinvested in planting and rewilding projects, Dunne says subscribers can also feel reassured that they helping create positive change and helping combat climate change.

Through his therapy work, Dunne champions connections between people and nature as a positive boost to emotional health. And eco-anxiety is an escalating concern, he says.

“People are aware of the worldwide problems to do with climate change but they do not know how they, as individuals, can make a difference,” Dunne explained.

“It is a real daily worry to many. mYcard is a way we can all invest in a bit of eco-therapy and work together to make a difference. It’s a great circular business – trees don’t get cut down to make throwaway cards which is a positive for the planet and protects biodiversity.

“The profits made from the app, we reinvest in planting new trees, which is even better for the environment. I want mYcard to plant one million trees. This is a legacy that we can all share.”